1. I get lost in a book no matter what's going on in my life or around me I sink into the book and become the characters and am utterly beautifully lost in there world
  2. I love the smell my gosh the smell of books is intoxicating seriously bottle it already and I will wear it as a perfume or maybe spray it and smell to calm myself down because that's what the smell of books does it soothes me
  3. I have ADHD and was never given medicine and my mind clicks a million miles an hour in a thousand directions but when I read I can focus and I hate when I have nothing to focus on books help
  4. There my spiritual guider and my therapy and so much cheaper then actual therapy
  5. I don't like people very much so books are a great way to avoid people unless your a book lover like me and will approach someone with a book because hello I gotta know what your reading in case I've read it or want to read it :)