I used to collect things. Now I collect books, but that's another list. I still have several collections, but they are dormant (not multiplying).
  1. Pennies. This was my first collection, which I kept in a dusting powder box. I enjoyed counting them. I was seven years old.
  2. Dolls. First collected "storybook" dolls at about the same time I collected pennies. Then added dolls received for Christmas and birthdays. As an adult, I collected antique dolls, but sold my collection because I needed the money. A character in my novel-in-progress collects them also; she doesn't worry about money.
  3. Stamps - a short-lived collection for a Girl Scout badge.
  4. Miniature houses - just love them; can't say why.
  5. Seasonal decorations -- love to change them out.
  6. Bookmarks -- inexpensive and portable. And I am a Bookwoman!
  7. Book bags -- same reasons as above, plus I can carry my acquisitions in them.
  8. Santa Claus - try to keep this one manageable. He and the Mrs. are fertile!