I'll be updating this list as I go. Suggestions welcome.
  1. Walls & Bridges - John Lennon
    My joint favourite Lennon solo album along with John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. I think 'Nobody Loves You (When You're Down & Out) is my favourite non Beatles Lennon recording.
  2. Songs For Crow - Red Kite
    The debut album of Daniel Fisher's new band. Fisher of course was a founding member of Reading prog rockers The Cooper Temple Clause. Their second album is due soon and this dude cannot wait. Favourite songs are Montreal and The Gathering Storm. I couldn't recommended this album higher.
  3. Rudebox - Robbie Williams
    Robbie Williams' most misunderstood, underrated and best album. There's a reason your average Robbie Williams fan doesn't like it and why the NME gave it an 8 out of 10.
  4. The Liberty Of Norton Folgate - Madness
    I was never really a big Madness fan. As a kid my Dad taped me a compilation called Complete Madness. It was all I had but I loved it. TLONF was a studio album released in 2009. My Dad suggested it to me and I've come to love it. I think as a concept pop album it's near the top of the tree. A hugely underrated album. Their follow up 2012's Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da is somehow better. I'm very excited about a new album that will be released later in 2016.
  5. The Classic - Joan As Police Woman
    Her fourth album. Maybe her best? Certainly the most infectious and positive. Lyrically it sounds like she's in a good place and this is a great sounding album.
  6. Side Pony - Lake Street Dive
    Speaking of infectiously positive albums this is one of my favourites of recent times. If you aren't a fan pick up this. It could be the soundtrack to your Summer.
  7. SMiLE - Brian Wilson / The Beach Boys
    What can I say? I love it so much I had its logo tattooed on my arm. My inspiration. My love. Words can't express how much this album means to me.