1. "If you start to die. Don't" -Al the Sous Chef
    After I said that I was going to die of thirst. It made me stop to think for a lot longer than I should have.
  2. "You do you, Doll" -Random One Night Stand Guy
    Reminds me to be independent.
  3. "Walk Faster" -LeiLei My beautiful Unicorn Chef
    Taught me to move with urgency in the kitchen at all times.
  4. "Always wear clean shoes" -Chuy The Line-Cook
    Helps make a good first impression.
  5. "Be brave" -My Grandpa
    He introduced me as his granddaughter who "ain't afraid of nothing". Taught me to be fearless.
  6. "Talk Louder" -Pretty much everyone I have ever met
    I'm still learning to use my voice.