A work in progress
  1. SIBERIA in any of its iterations. The one on the subway being the best
  2. LADY ANNES FULL MOON SALOON a bar so nasty I'd bring out of town visitors there just to scare them
  3. THE LION'S HEAD old school newspaper hang out
  4. KELLY'S on 43rd and Lex. Notable for 25 cent drafts and regularly and reliably serving me when I was 15
  5. THE TERMINAL BAR legendary dive across from port authority
  6. BILLY'S TOPLESS (later, Billy's Stopless) an atmospheric, working class place, perfect for late afternoon drinking where nobody hustled you for money and everybody knew everybody. Great all-hair metal jukebox . Naked breasts were not really the point.
  7. THE BAR AT HAWAII KAI. tucked away in a giant tiki themed nightclub in Times Square with a midget doorman and a floor show. Best place to drop acid EVER.
  8. THE NURSERY after hours bar decorated like a pediatrician's office. Only the nursery rhyme characters were punk rockers of the day.