Objects of Desire

material things I feel a strange, possibly unnatural attraction to and will buy (if I can) if I stumble across them in my travels. I am not a paid spokesperson for any of this stuff .
  1. Vintage Persol sunglasses : This is pretty obvious. I wear them a lot. I collect them when I can. Even my production team have taken to wearing them.
  2. 19th century trepanning instruments: I don't know what explains my fascination with these devices, designed to drill drain-sized holes into the skull often for purposes of relieving "pressure" or "bad humours". But I can't get enough of them. Tip: don't get a prolonged headache around me and ask if I have anything for it. I do.
  3. Montagnard bracelets: I only have one of these but the few that find their way onto the market have so much history. Often given to the indigenous mountain people 's Special Forces advisors during the very early days of America's involvement in Vietnam .
  4. Jiu Jitsi Gi's: Yeah. When it comes to high end BJJ wear, I am a total whore. You know those people who collect limited edition Nikes ? I'm like that but with Shoyoroll . In my defense, I don't keep them in plastic bags in a display case. I wear that shit.
  5. Voiture: You know those old school, silver plated (or solid silver) blimp like carts they roll out into the dining room to carve and serve your roast? No. Probably not. So few places do that anymore. House of Prime Rib does it. Danny Bowein does it at Mission Chinese. I don't have one of these. And I likely never will. But I can dream.
  6. Kramer knives: I don't own one. I can't afford one . And I'd likely have to wait for years even if I could afford one. There's a long waiting list for these individually hand crafted beauties. But I want one. Badly. http://www.kramerknives.com/gallery/
  7. R. CRUMB : All of it. The collected works. These Taschen volumes to start. I wanted to draw brilliant, beautiful, filthy comix like Crumb until I was 13 or 14 and it became clear that I just didn't have that kind of talent. As a responsible father of an 8 year old girl, I just can't have this stuff in the house. Too dark, hateful, twisted. Sigh...
  8. THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS : THE UNCUT, ORIGINAL ORSON WELLES VERSION: It doesn't exist. Which is why I want it. The Holy Grail for film nerds, Welles' follow up to CITIZEN KANE shoulda, coulda been an even greater masterpiece . But the studio butchered it and re-shot a bullshit ending. I want the original. I also want a magical pony.