Before he died, Warren Zevon dropped this wisdom bomb: "Enjoy every sandwich". These are a few locals I've particularly enjoyed:
  1. PASTRAMI QUEEN: (1125 Lexington Ave. ) Pastrami Sandwich. Also the turkey with Russian dressing is not bad. Also the brisket.
  2. EISENBERG'S SANDWICH SHOP: ( 174 5th Ave.) Tuna salad on white with lettuce. I'd suggest drinking a lime Rickey or an Arnold Palmer with that.
  3. THE JOHN DORY OYSTER BAR: (1196 Broadway) the Carta di Musica with Bottarga and Chili is amazing. Is it a sandwich? Yes. Yes it is.
  4. RANDOM STREET FAIRS: (Anywhere tube socks and stale spices are sold. ) New York street fairs suck. The same dreary vendors, same bad food. But those nasty sausage and pepper hero sandwiches are a siren song, luring me, always towards the rocks. Shitting like a mink almost immediately after is guaranteed but who cares?
  5. BARNEY GREENGRASS : ( 541 Amsterdam Ave.) Chopped Liver on rye. The best chopped liver in NYC.