4 major US sports only
  1. Power Forward - Basketball
    Guard the other team's best big. Unselfish. Defensive Lynchpin. Team-first.
  2. Defender - Hockey
    Protect what's yours. Fight.
  3. Pitcher - Baseball
    Once a week you're in the spotlight. Otherwise you're kicking back and cheering on your boys. Win win.
  4. Right Wing - Hockey
    You get to shoot from your good side. Let-er rip!
  5. Second Base - Baseball
    Best seat in the house. Turn double plays. Dive once a night.
  6. Center - Basketball
    Block shots. Grab boards. No one's mad when you miss a jumper.
  7. Shortstop - Baseball
    "Everybody comes to Rick's"
  8. Center - Hockey
    Face offs. Chances are you get either an A or a C on your jersey.
  9. Point Guard - Basketball
    Run the show. Assist your teammates. Carpe Diem.
  10. Small Forward - Basketball
    Shoot. Be tall. Chill on the perimeter.
  11. Centerfield - Baseball
    Get on the highlight tapes with your running grabs. Don't worry about the ball getting stuck in the corner like left and right fielders.
  12. Don't play football. It's not fun to play. You'll get a concussion. Everyone hits with their head. Don't do it. Be a power forward. They are the best.