Some are fictional, but all are real.
  1. John Krasinksi
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  2. Tom Hiddleston
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    He's F Scott Fitzgerald, Adam the chiseled rock n roll vampire, and a WWI officer who cares for a boys horse. Need I say more?
  3. Dave Grohl
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    Yeah, it's a lot of hair. And I don't know any Foo Fighters, and just the one Nirvana song. This man crush is solely based on his and Norah Jones's "Maybe I'm Amazed" performance for Paul McCartney at the Kennedy Center.
  4. "Matt Hooper"
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    Richard Dreyfus in Jaws. Charismatic, adventurous. An idealist who smells like salt water.
  5. "The Driver"
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    "Anything happens in those five minutes and I'm yours." *faints*
  6. Derek Luke
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    Boobie Miles. The Americans. Empire. Always playing a guy going full speed ahead. My kind of man.
  7. "Hubble Gardner"
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    Redford in The Way We Were. This guy, I know, is bad for me. We'd sink into mediocrity together, but how can anyone resist The All American Smile?
  8. Tom Hardy
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    Great quads, but seriously it's 90% those lips. With those kissers, he's basically our generation's Tony Curtis.