Not my favorites from each year: I was late to the party on certain artists. If their album came out in 2006, but I didn't start listening to them until 2009, those tracks won't be on this list. Basically: if you were to ask me what was in my headphones during each of these years, this is what I'd say.
  1. 2016 (so far): Angels, Chance the Rapper
    Runner Up: Versace on the Floor, Bruno Mars
  2. 2015: When We Were Young, Adele
    Runner Up: Wild Boy, The Weepies
  3. 2014: Pieces, Ella Henderson
    Runner Up: Lay Me Down, Sam Smith
  4. 2013: Nightingale, Demi Lovato
    Runner Up: Underneath the Tree, Kelly Clarkson
  5. 2012: Gorilla, Bruno Mars
    Runner Up: Diamonds, Rihanna
  6. 2011: Dark Side, Kelly Clarkson
    Runner Up: Make My, The Roots
  7. 2010: Super Bass, Nicki Minaj
    Runner Up: Teenage Dream, Katy Perry
  8. 2009: My Life Would Suck Without You, Kelly Clarkson
    Runner Up: Brick, Ben Folds A Capella (Ohio U)
  9. 2008: If You're Out There, John Legend
    Runner Up: On Top Of The World, T.I.
  10. 2007: Go On Girl, Ne-Yo
    Runner Up: Umbrella, Rihanna
  11. 2006: Learn To Live With What You Are, Ben Folds
    Runner Up: Vultures, John Mayer