I think...
  1. A Thousand Miles
    the second she wrote this song she knew: "if I get someone in the business to hear it, I will make a million dollars off this song. At least."
  2. Heroes & Thieves
    that she thought this would be as big a song as A Thousand Miles... :(
  3. White Houses
    that this is her favorite of her hit songs
  4. Ordinary Day
    that this is her least favorite of her hit songs.
  5. Who's To Say
    that the record company did not want this song on the record, since no track this deep belongs on a Hits CD, but she said "either this song is on the record or there is no record," in a failing effort to legitimize the Harmonium album.
  6. Home
    that when she's alone and decides to play one of her songs, this is the one she chooses. Also, can we all agree that her go-to alone-time song from another artist is Landslide? Side note: when I saw her in college and she did this song ugh so good best song of the whole show.
  7. Pretty Baby
    that screenwriter/director Richard Curtis would really like this song.
  8. Hands On Me
    that the chorus of this song is very similar to the chorus in ABBA's "S.O.S."
  9. Private Radio
    that this song either kills or falls flat at her shows. She never knows which it will be, but the reaction is always extreme in one direction.
  10. Twilight
    that this song makes no sense to me, or anyone, but makes complete sense to her. Only her.
  11. San Francisco
    that there are too many songs written about San Francisco