Reasons I love my Cockatoo!

This is ChiChi. I walked into a bird rescue to kill time while waiting on my pharmacy to fill my monthly prescriptions, and she promptly made it clear she was adopting me. In the last year she has been great company as I am 90% housebound due to limited mobility from Multiple Sclerosis.
  1. She takes her own selfies!
  2. She has a strange obsession for Fluva Borg (I think its his voice she likes)
  3. She accompanies me to the store
  4. She creates her own artwork and plays bejeweled on my phone
  5. She shares her treats with homeless and hungry peacocks (and then screams at them while they eat!)
  6. Another selfie!
  7. She brushes her own feathers.....and moos like a cow!
  8. She makes me forget that I spend 18 hours a day alone, and she doesn't try to smoke all my pot!