Tomorrow night will be my 33rd time to see the Dave Matthews Band and to get ready for it, here are the 5 songs I'd most like to hear.
  1. The Last Stop
    The only time I've seen this live was 2006 in Houston. This is a monster song and I imagine Tim Reynolds on guitar would fit much better than Butch Taylor did on Piano.
  2. Halloween
    For years, this was my white whale song. I finally got it in the encore of night 2 in Camden back in 2012 (show #27) but I was in such shock that it was finally happening that I don't really remember it.
  3. Spoon
    This would complete having seen "Before These Crowded Streets" live for me, and it's a great song. It's only been played 52 times since its release in 1998, and only 24 times full band. The only drawback would be that there is not a female singer to take Alanis' part from the record, but I certainly wouldn't complain about it showing up in the set.
  4. Captain
    Similar to "Spoon", this would complete "Busted Stuff" live. This one has only been played 28 times full band. It was one of the songs that appeared on the infamous (and fantastic) leaked album "The Lillywhite Sessions" and was one of the songs from that "release" that was officially put out on "Busted Stuff". I wouldn't say this is one of my favorite DMB songs, though it's a great song, but I'm such a sucker for rarities that I'd gladly take it.
  5. Ants Marching
    They don't all have to be obscure deep cuts. It's still been 3 years (and 4 shows) since I got this one live. I would love, just once, to have it be the opener, something that has happened only 18 times in the 1214 times its been played. This was the song that started this now 21 year old obsession. "Under the Table and Dreaming" was the first CD I ever bought and I played this song on repeat until I knew every word. I would gladly take this song at every show I ever go to.