Meatloaf Would Do Anything for Love, but He Won't Do...

Singer, songwriter, loaf of meat, Meatloaf left us all hanging by saying 'I would do anything for love but I won't do that'. These are theories on what he wouldn't do.
  1. The dishes
  2. A solid high bar routine
    He simply is too loafy and lacks the upper body strength
  3. A cameo in an Adam Sandler movie
  4. A lead role in an Adam Sandler movie
  5. Try to understand the sport of cricket
  6. Take the 15 f'ing minutes it would take to save 15% or more on insurance from Geico
  7. Donate to Sarah McLachlan and the sad and needy animals
  8. A cover of The Wallflowers 'one headlight'
  9. His uncanny impression of Nikki Minaj