Successful, wealthy individuals have many similar attributes that set them apart!
  1. They trust themselves and others. Skepticism is a last resort.
  2. They always look for the best in everyone and everything. Fault finding is a waste of time to them.
  3. They ask intelligent questions, as opposed to simply making assumptions.
  4. They share success, and never play the blame game.
  5. They are not interested in cutting corners and focus only on the best way to do things, not the cheapest or the fastest way.
  6. They value time over money.
  7. They focus on creating, not competing. They build things of value and are not overly concerned with what anyone else is doing.
  8. They build other people up and show gratitude at all times. They don't have time to condemn, criticize or complain.
  9. They seek counsel from those that they admire and have achieved success.
  10. They constantly seek to further educate themselves. They read books, white papers, industry news and stay up to date on current affairs. They spend very little time watching T.V.