The Worst TV Characters

There's always a bad apple. Add yours!
  1. Connor (Angel)
    Angelus said it best, "the twerp creeps me out."
  2. Lucas Scott (One Tree Hill)
    Unpopular opinion I know, but UGH. He's so whiny and broody. He cheated on Brooke (in real life too), and broke it off with Peyton because she didn't want to get married right this second.
  3. Riley Finn (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
    @sarahmccoy knows just how much I despise him and I apologize because she's going to hear it again. I CANNOT STAND HIM. Oh my god. His incessant need to be "the man" and defend Buffy is too much. She's the FREAKING SLAYER. Then he whines/breaks up with her because she's upset with the death of HER MOTHER. I can't. (FYI, I don't want to see his face so here's Buffy depicting my feelings about him.)
  4. Mark Brendanawicz (Parks and Recreation)
    No explanation needed.
  5. Ross Geller (Friends)
    HE SLEPT WITH SOMEONE ELSE RIGHT AFTER THE BREAK/BREAK-UP then tried to flip it on Rachel. Also, can we please be more mature about Susan? Yes, she's a lesbian and your son's stepmother.
  6. Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother)
    He made Robin get rid of her dogs.
  7. April Nardini (Gilmore Girls)
    This one, I'll admit, may be a biased opinion. I don't like the actress and I have a belief that she ruins everything in the show, my bad. BUT she was totally an obvious wrench thrown to destroy Luke and Lorelai's relationship.
  8. Marissa Cooper (The O.C.)
    I'll admit she kept things somewhat interesting, but goodness, there's always something with her. She was literally the damsel in distress every day. Plus, she just picks the worst people to be around AKA Oliver and Johnny and Volchok.
  9. Mia Jones (Degrassi)
    I'm still salty about this. Mia was so mean to Liberty after J.T. passed. She was taking the majority of J.T.'s belongings in front of Toby (his best friend) and Liberty (his longtime love) and proceeded to tell Liberty that she didn't care enough about him. You dated for like 2 months, chill out!
  10. Dawson Leery
    He was the whiniest character I've ever seen in my life and got mad when his best friend Joey made other friends (GASP!) and wanted to move on from him (after being broken up for QUITE A WHILE) and be in another relationship (OMG WHAT?!). And let's not forget the time he dumped Joey as a friend so he could try and get laid by some random new girl.
    Suggested by   @sarahmccoy
  11. Dean from Gilmore Girls.
    I blame the writers for his inconsistency, since his mood seemed to change widely — but he was possessive and sexist and cheated on his wife blah de blah blah. But first season he was a dreamy guy. So, yeah, writers.
    Suggested by   @cordeliane