Most of my friends know the majority of the Instagram accounts I follow are dogs, it's time to list the favorites. I acknowledge I am crazy.
  1. DailyDougie
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    I've followed Dougie for years now. Maybe the cutest Shih Tzu ever. His owners know who I am, and we have talked. I know their kid's favorite musical is Shrek. #Instafriends
  2. AbucuFamily
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    I love the Abucu Family, and they return the feeling. This is a family of 5 Shih Tzus in Indonesia. They call me Uncle Brandon and recommend a visit to the country soon.
  3. SparklesTheDiva
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    Sparkles has never acknowledge I exist, no matter how many photos I comment on. She is the HBIC with clothing for literally any occasion.
  4. PowerFluff
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    PowerFluff is a ridiculous Pekingese with amazing videos. This dog seems wild, and the owner loves commenting on my pictures
  5. UncleSamsung
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    Uncle Samsung is an OLD dog, and is disabled. This does not stop his owners from giving him the best care available. They also found an injured crow, named it Gigi, and have had this crazy bird they trained for over a year now.
  6. MarnieTheDog
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    She's a classic. I've been following her for years, and I've met her. Ridiculously cute in person
  7. MunchkinTheTeddyBear
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    Another well known account. Who doesn't love a dog in a teddy bear costume? He's basically IKEA Monkey of dogs.