Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are the best, and I once wrote a 15 page paper on this.
  1. This.
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  2. They promote day drinking heavily.
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    Boozeday Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Try-day Friday
  3. iHoda
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    Where Kathie Lee shits on every song Hoda loves
  4. KLG cuts off nearly every guest mid sentence
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    Kathie Lee's opinion = the only opinion
  5. KLG writes ridiculous original music for "Everyone Has A Story"
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    Basically driving ballads about death and disease. She made an autistic boy cry during this segment.
  6. Ambush Makeovers
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    Makeovers making women look suspiciously similar to KLG and Hoda
  7. No fucks are ever given
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