I'm afraid for my country. This is not okay.
  1. Your bed upon waking
  2. Bench @ end of your bed
  3. Foyer
  4. Into cup of decaf fair trade hazelnut coffee
  5. Shower
  6. Into kitschy Target throw pillow
  7. @ desk
  8. On patio near succulents
  9. In front of mailbox
  10. Over stove white gently frying an organic brown egg
  11. Couch while trying to self soothe by watching An Fab for 400th time
  12. Over curled up napping cat
  13. Whilst pawing through cabinets for chocolate, chips and cookies to stress/binge eat
  14. All over your eyeglasses
  15. Over the washing machine
  16. Into your dog's fur
  17. In driver's seat, rendering you unfit to operate a motor vehicle to drive to Costco and wander staring open mouthed at all the enchanting overpriced shit you don't need yet shamefully desire
  18. Back in your bed