I like the sound of my own little voice 🎧
  1. We Need To Talk About Mariah.
    All MiMi, all the time💎
  2. Putin On The Ritz.
    for lovers of traditional Russian dance, clearly
  3. Are You Guys Even Listening?!
    seriously it's not cool to be unsupportive you guys I totally came to your band's midnight show at that bar in Matewan like, that's being a true broseph. okay lookit, I'm going to ask a question that you'll only know the answer to if you listened last week and if you don't know the answer I'm unfriending you NO JOKES BRO
  4. That's Entertainment
    GENRE REEEEMIIIXXX (📣**blau blau** horn noise): it's ONLY about things that I find entertaining, like looking up serial killer cases from before modern forensics became commonplace NOT ABOUT HOLLYWOOD. booyaahhh take THAT celebrity culture garbage people
    no content just me yelling that over and over into shitty iPhone mic