Well, shit.
  1. So today,
    (literally just now)
  2. I was able to check my phone
  3. and I see an "8" badge for li.st
    I ain't that popular here. Why the sudden eight notifications? Something is off...
  4. I open up li.st, and check said notifications. I see there are many new lists with a similar theme.
    "Last List," "Bye Guys," things like that. And I'm like ????
  5. I didn't get the email y'all.
    Maybe it'll roll in later. But for now, the shock just... Blam. I think we all felt it coming, but now that it's actually here, I just don't know what to think.
  6. I kinda feel like crying.
    I'd been on hiatus for about a year because of numerous things. My mental health was deteriorating, I was depressed, I was uninspired, etc. I still kept li.st on my phone for quite some time, and would check in on y'all. Read your lists, see if I felt like writing anything. But the ideas would never come...
  7. And then I finally come back
    I've always had a knack for choosing the worst time possible. My intuition must've been kicking in or something, telling me to get mah ass back on li.st and write some things while I still could. idk.
  8. And now I'm kinda sad that I've done that.
    Half sad, half happy. Happy because I met new friends here this past month or so. Sad because being back gave me an outlet to write out a lot of what I normally don't share elsewhere. I trust y'all a lot and enjoyed being back. I was thrilled to do daily writings and whatnot. li.st is truly one of my favorite apps ever. I was so excited when I found this place.
  9. I can't deal with this right now. li.st was helping me with my anxiety and depression, I'm not ready to let go. This sucks. Help.
  10. Please y'all just keep in touch
  11. Lemme link you up
  12. ⭐️ Instagram 📷
  13. ⭐️ Twitter 🐦
  14. Facebook 👤
  15. Facebook email 📧
    Bran . BNH @ facebook . com
  16. Snapchat 👻
  17. Pinterest 📌
  18. Umm umm umm umm I think that's it idk I'm sure there are more. The ones with the stars next to them are your best bet but umm I'm kinda freaking out right now.
    Anxiety is setting in. Help.
  19. I'm gonna miss y'all.
    Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your life with me. I learned priceless things to take with me throughout my own journey. You guys have made me laugh, touched my heart, etc. Peace ~ ✌🏻✌🏻💋💋
  20. xoxo
    Bran 💜💜💜