1. September 11th, 2001.
  2. I think we all remember where we were that day.
  3. I was 11 years old, and had just started 6th grade.
    The transition from elementary school to middle school was going really well, and I'd already made some new friends.
  4. As I made my way from one class to the next, a friend of mine caught up with me.
    She informed me on one of our teachers, saying that he was telling the class about this strange thing, how several people died. This teacher was a bit... eccentric—we'd concluded that he must've gone off the deep end a bit, or that he was describing a movie. We were too young, we didn't understand...
  5. I went through the rest of the day completely in the dark concerning events that had unfolded.
    A majority of school staff decided to withhold the news from students due to the fact that many of us had parents working in or around the Pentagon. My dad and his co-worker were nearby, and witnessed the crash. My neighbor, who works at the Pentagon, witnessed the crash. My best friend, whose cousin worked in the section that was struck, had miraculously taken some papers over to another wing just moments before the crash. I still get chills thinking about that one...
  6. Utter horror had been occurring all day, and yet to me, it seemed like just another Tuesday.
    Something that everyone seems to recall really well is how lovely the weather was. It was an exceptionally beautiful September day.
  7. I got off the bus, and was en route to daycare when I saw my mom's car in the parking lot.
    I admit, I was a bit alarmed. Something was off, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I quickly dismissed my concern, assuming that I was making too much of it, that she'd simply left early because she was sick or something.
  8. I got in the car.
    Immediately, I could tell that something was wrong. It's just one of those things...
  9. Mom proceeded to tell me what had happened. She (like everyone else) was still in a daze, trying to make sense of it all. She'd been released early from work (military base), which is why she was waiting for me. We got home, and turned on the news. Stunned, I stared at the TV.
    I realized that this is what my friend had been telling me about earlier in the day, and felt guilty for misunderstanding. As a safety precaution, many schools (including mine) were closed the next day.
  10. In the summer of 2007 when I visited NYC for the first time, I made sure to pay my respects at the World Trade Center site.
    It was quite literally a hole in the ground at that time. There was nothing but construction going on, a lone rosary necklace hanging on one of the barrier fences. I've not yet seen the now-complete memorial in person, but hope to one day.
  11. I'll never forget my experience walking up to the site.
    All around was the typical hustle & bustle of NYC's financial district, until I stepped foot onto the property... Silence. An eerie silence. So very sad.
  12. Tomorrow marks 16 years since that tragic day.
    I just can't believe it, and wanted to share some thoughts. My prayers are always with the families of those lost. Rest in peace, and Never Forget.