16 pretty K pop music videos to celebrate spring 2016 🌸

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    🌸 "Feel So Good" // B.A.P
    2.19.2016 ~ Especially love the opening riff & rap bit, as well as the chorus. Such a refreshing and energetic songβ€”perfect for getting out there and doing all the springy things. Great to listen to during outdoor exercise in nice weather, as it gets you pumped up, and well, feeling so good! πŸ˜‰
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    🌸 "Rose" // Wooyoung
    4.17.2015 ~ Like many songs from artists under JYP, this song is funkaaaay! Haha, love its retro and upbeat feel :) This is a solo song from Wooyoung (of 2PM), and I think he did a fantastic job on this! Such a fun tune 🌹 Da da da da da da ~ The Lego bowtie will always be a favorite of mine, btw. Only in Korea, because Koreans are infinitely cooler than everyone else, haha. 🌈 This is fact! πŸ˜‰
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    🌸 "Lion Heart" // Girls' Generation
    8.17.2015 ~ Holy EARWORM, Batman! The first time I heard this, it would NOT leave my head. Tell me WHYYYY, nanananananananana NA NAAAA nanananananananana NA NAAAA dodododo Lion Hearr- ARR- ARRT! Gahaha πŸ˜† Apologies, it's impossible not to sing along to this! Though this song was released in the summer, it gives me more of a spring vibe for some reasonβ€”the bright colors, the frilly dresses, etc. As usual, all of Gs'G is gorg. They make me feel so inferior! πŸ’•
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    🌸 "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" // HIGH4 & IU
    4.7.2014 ~ Nice combination of talent, with male group HIGH4, and IU. IU's voice is one of my favorites for female artists. It's so cute and precious without being baby-like (so common with female K Pop artists, which sometimes annoys me haha). Cute feel-good song, though the lyrics are about not having anyone to hold hands with, and basically being so over the whole springtime cherry blossoms everyone-is-in-love thing πŸ˜† Good anthem for us singles! πŸ˜‹
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    🌸 "Magic" // Super Junior
    9.15.2015 ~ Though this was released in September last year, I still get a nice spring vibe from it, like with "Lion Heart." Again, probably because of the bright colors and such. Nice & peppy, jazzy song that's perfect for springtime and falling in love and all. Or if you're like me, falling in love with the nine gorgeous members of SuJu who appear in this video πŸ˜„πŸ’•
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    🌸 "Spring Love" // Eric Nam
    3.3.2016 ~ Aside from the fact that the lyrics are in Korean, the music sounds more like what you'd hear over American airwaves. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that this has at LEAST partly to do with Eric, who's Korean-American (born in ATL Georgia, USA). πŸ˜‰ A nice, fluffy, light tune that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Good to listen to while going for a drive or something ~
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    🌸 "Only You" // 2PM
    5.20.2012 ~ Very sweet, cute song from my favorite male group, 2PM. And the video's even sweeter & cuter haha. Sexy too 😳😝 Slow-mo shots of these six beautiful men, I can't. Help me. πŸš‘πŸ’¨ Watching the guys just chillin' in the outdoors in the sun makes me want to go do this too ~ Too bad 2PM can't join me 😭 lol ~
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    🌸 "Call You Bae" // Jimin (AOA) & Xiumin (EXO)
    3.2.2016 ~ ADORABLE MV featuring Jimin from AOA, and Xiumin from EXO. Love the bubblegum-y, romantic chorusβ€”I'm such a sucker Xiumin's sweet voice when he sings "my baby" 😍 *Swoon* Jimin's voice is a perfect example of the baby-like voice I was talking about earlier, which I have mixed feelings about. But this song and MV are just so cute, so it's fine πŸ˜„ Her little baby rap gahaha πŸ’• Adorable couple both in song, and as an actual couple!
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    🌸 "You Call It Romance" // K.will (feat. Davichi)
    1.5.2016 ~ This is the first of two K.will songs on my list ~ K.will is a balladeer, so of course his flawless and soulful voice is just what's needed for springtime love ~ *SwoonSwoonSwoon* πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž Davichi complements him nicely ~ And I'm in love with this MV, it's just too cute. Lucky girl with two cuties pursuing her! πŸ˜©πŸ˜† I died with the hand warming & scarf bits btw AIGOO NAE MAEUM (OH DEAR MY HEART) πŸ’˜
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    🌸 "Can't Stop" // CNBLUE
    2.21.2014 ~ Each time Yong Hwa's sings "miss you," dear God. Nae MAEUM. Perfection. The note he hits as he does so makes me feel lovesick in an instant hahahaha. πŸ’• Another earworm. When I first heard it, it was on repeat! Freaking gorgeous MV ~
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    🌸 "Bom Bom Bom" // Roy Kim
    4.19.2014 ~ Such a charming little ditty ~ Folksy, with a little bit of... Country? And Roy's voice... *Sigh* What a cutie with his little guitar and ring (haha). Eek ❀ Quick Korean lesson: "Bom" (λ΄„) means "Spring." 😊🌸
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    🌸 "Remember That" // BTOB
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    🌸 "Love Blossom" // K.will
    4.3.2013 ~ The second K.will song on my list! Gah, I just can't get enough of his voice 😍 It's sweet candy to my ears ~ 🍭 HILARIOUS MV πŸ˜‚ K.will rarely appears in his own MVs, and his appearance in this one is his first. But, spoiler alert: he gets shot seconds later πŸ˜‚ NOoOo my sweet K.will baby! Haha ~
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    🌸 "Spring Love" // Niel
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    🌸 "You're So Fine" // CNBLUE
    Just like K.will, CNBLUE is on this list twice as well. They just released this fresh song for spring, and I couldn't not include it. It's nice and springy. Jonghyun is my bias of CNBLUE, but all of Yonghwa's longing looks (see above) - help me. I die.
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    🌸 "Cherish" // Yuju (GFriend) & Sunyeol (UP10TION)
    Adorable duet with a nice voice comboβ€”Yuju from GFriend and Sunyeol from Up10tion ~ Cute pairing as well. ^^ πŸ’• Has a light funky beat mixed with a fresh, R&B feel.
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