My ships list! Might be altered or added to at any time. As I said, may contain spoilersβ€”you have been warned.
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    Sherlock Holmes and John Watson {Johnlock} ~ "Sherlock"
    I'm mainly talking about the BBC series, but my love for this ship spans entirely across ALL adaptations, including the original ACD (Arthur Conan Doyle) text. There are just too many reasons why Johnlock is a thing. Johnlock is my most favorite ship, the ship of all ships, the ship that has consumed the entirety of my soul. Seriously, these two have made my life hell. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
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    Johnlock is so much so a thing that the Prez made it law.
    See? Legit.
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    I apologize for making you re-live this horrible scene 😫
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    Lucy & Ricky Ricardo ~ "I Love Lucy"
    As well as Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz irl. It kills me that they had quite a troublesome marriage & eventually divorced. 😭 But when they would be on better terms, it was quite the cutest scene to witness ~ πŸ’˜ Both timeless ships.
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    Mycroft Holmes & Cake {Mycake} ~ "Sherlock"
    We all know Mycroft's ideal partner is cake. Mycake FTW πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
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    Absence makes the heart grow fonder <3
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    Ninth Doctor & Rose Tyler ~ "Doctor Who"
    Everyone except for me, apparently, ships Ten & Rose. imo, Rose was at her best when she was with Nine.
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    Tenth Doctor & Martha Jones ~ "Doctor Who"
    I'm going to get STEAMROLLED by the TenxRose shippers, but I don't care. Martha and Ten are effin' cute, and so there. Martha also loved the Doctor, and would do everything (and DID do everything) for him. But where was Ten? Ignoring Ms. Jones and being mopey over Rose. He didn't see this other great girl he had when he had her. Martha recognized this, and so, she left. You go girl. *Note: not saying that Rose isn't important, it's just annoying how poor underrated Martha was invisible. :(
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    Martha Jones & Mickey Smith ~ "Doctor Who"
    Which brings me to my next shipβ€”Martha and Mickey!! :D Yay ~ Love how things ultimately worked out for them ~ I ship it!!
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    Eleventh Doctor & Clara Oswald {Whouffle} ~ "Doctor Who"
    "Run you clever boy... And remember."
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    Twelfth Doctor & Clara Oswald {Whouffaldi} ~ "Doctor Who"
    I ship TwelvexClara even harder than ElevenxClara for some reason. idk, I just really enjoyed this pairing, and am devastated that Clara has recently left the show 😭
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    When Clara's eyes first met those of her new (gray) Doctor. Watching the challenges they had at first was really interesting, and the way we got to see Eleven one final time in the S8 premiere was the perfect sendoff for Matt & welcome for Peter ~
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    Eleventh Doctor and River Song ~ "Doctor Who"
    There are some people out there who don't approve of this pairing simply because "omg older woman with a younger man." Uhhhh, need I remind you that the Doctor is, in fact, OLDER than River? Hello? He's the Doctor, and he's really old? The face & body of Eleven are the only youthful things about him. And so what btw if River *was* an older woman! What a dumb double standard, older women can definitely be with younger men. You see older men with younger women all the time. So, suck it. :D
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    Amy: "Is this really important, flirting?!" πŸ˜‚
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    Amy Farrah Fowler & Sheldon Cooper {Shamy} ~ "The Big Bang Theory"
    To think, there was actually a time when I was a Shenny shipper... *Shudder* CLEARLY it was Amy all along πŸ˜­πŸ’˜
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    Amy Pond & Rory Williams {The Ponds} ~ "Doctor Who"
    The sacrifices these two made on the show were truly heart-wrenching, their ultimate last sacrifice occurring in "The Angels Take Manhattan." I'm still not over that damn episode 😭😭😭😭 Never will be 😭
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    Rachel & Ross {Lobsters} ~ "Friends"
    I would effectively have my 90s kid license revoked if I didn't ship Rachel & Ross. It was just something you did, because duh. Fun fact: I watched the finale live, and freaked when Rachel got off the plane. Damn, I'm old.
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    Lizzie & Gordo ~ "Lizzie McGuire"
    The ultimate ship from my childhood! The kiss they shared in Rome from "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" made my entire pre-teen life, you guys. A true "OMG FINALLY" moment ~ 😍😍😍😍
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    Jess & Nick ~ "New Girl"
    I haven't been a regular watcher of New Girl as much lately due to Sherlock and Doctor Who consuming my soul, but omg who doesn't love Jess and Nick???? 😍
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    Captain Jack Harkness & Everyone ~ "Doctor Who"
    Jack goes well with literally anyone and anything. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»
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    Sergeant Ellie Miller & Inspector Alec Hardy ~ "Broadchurch"
    First off, this show if brilliant. Watch it if you haven't seen it. omg so good. Heavy plot, but GOOD. Now for the ship: omg Ellie and Alec, pleeeease. They're just so sassy and hate each others' guts at times. So you know what that means: it's love. 😍
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    Marianne & Colonel Brandon ~ "Sense and Sensibility"
    God, I love this movie. I wanted to slap Marianne so bad because cAN'T YOU SEE that Colonel Brandon is CLEARLY the man of your dreams?! Of course not. They never do. πŸ˜‚ Until the very end when CB brought M in from the rain and nursed her back to health from being deathly ill, anyway. "Marianne & Colonel Brandon FTW" β€” Jane Austen (legit quote, true story) // Sidenote: RIP, Alan Rickman 😭
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    [1 of 2] The way he studies her (😍)
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    [2 of 2] as she sings and makes musaks ~
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    Pocahontas & John Smith ~ "Pocahontas"
    Though Disney's version of Pocahontas & John is ripe with historical inaccuracy, dammit I just love this pairing 😍 In the sequel however, Disney was like okay cool you want accuracy? Here *Brings in John Rolfe and has her choose him over Smith* :(
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    Rapunzel & Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert) ~ "Tangled"
    I just, my heart. Eugene cutting Rapunzel's hair at the end, knowing it's the only thing that would ever be able to save him 😭 I just can't.
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    Anastasia & Dimitri ~ "Anastasia"
    The SASSINESS 😍 Love them <3 And I have a huge crush on John Cusack (which who doesn't honestly), who voices Dimitri ~ 😊
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    **** Ships that I ship but couldn't find GIFs for :( (Will update if I find anything)
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    Twelfth Doctor and River Song ~ "Doctor Who"
    The duo I'd long-desired to see together on the show. I knew we hadn't seen the last of River, because we hadn't seen how and when she her received her screwdriver from the Doctor. And sure enough, come last year's (2015) Christmas special, there she was. And I died. My FAVORITE part of the special that destroyed my soul: Twelve letting River know that it was indeed the Doctor behind his new, older face ~ "Hello Sweetie" 😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭
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    **** Bonus: ships that I dig but ultimately don't ship
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    Sherlock & Moriarty {Sheriarty} ~ "Sherlock"
    I DIG the Sheriarty. I definitely do. But this pairing is more fun to me, entertaining to watch. Sherlock's true soulmate is, of course, John Hamish Watson. 😍
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    Oh yew tew. :B
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    Irene Adler & Sherlock Holmes {Adlock} ~ "Sherlock" (Can't find decent GIF 😞)
    I admit: these two are a lot of fun to watch, and I really enjoy their intellectual chemistry. But they're nothing more than intellectual equalsβ€”even Irene herself ships Johnlock!
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    Janine Hawkins & Sherlock ~ "Sherlock" (Can't find decent GIF 😞)
    Same as with IrenexSherlock: fun to watch, not realistic. This pairing is fun, and funny as well, but I like it in a bro way, like a bromance. Janine feels like a bro, a wingwoman, to Sherlock. One of the countless people who recognizes Johnlock <3
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    Eleventh Doctor & Amy Pond ~ "Doctor Who"
    Though I like this pairing, we all know that Amy's true partner is Rory πŸ’•
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    **** Moar bonus: ships that I do NOT dig and do NOT ship
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    Molly & Sherlock {Sherlolly} ~ "Sherlock"
    Just, don't. The whole Molly and Sherlock having babies and uncle John & aunt Mary jUST NO GOD NO
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    My feelings toward the Sherlolly ship
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    Though that imaginary kiss they shared WAS awesome 😍
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    Mary & John Watson ~ "Sherlock" (Can't find a decent GIF 😞)
    Watson, pfft. It's MORSTAN to you, Mary! Loved her when we first met her, I SO did. Never shipped, but damn cute pair for sure. When she shot Sherlock however, DONE with her. You DON'T shoot your husband's best friend and put him through even more trauma when he already has PTSD, you just don't!! How people have accepted their "reconciliation" is beyond me. That was the most BS thing ever, and that drama WILL come back up again. We've only scratched the surface of Mary's story arc...
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    I hate myself because the signs were there all along, and I just. The horns, the HORNS.
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    And there you have it! What do you think? Agree, disagree? What would you add to or subtract from this list? btw: likes and whatnot are appreciated for all of the hard work it took finding all of the frickin' GIFs!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜