GIFs that show up when I search my name

  1. Of course, searching my name would bring up that Brandi chick from Real Housewives, is it? idk, one of those mindless shows.
  2. Well okay, so Brandi and I are similar in this regard. #PizzaFTW #🍕
  3. lol.
  4. 😆
  5. So then, I tried searching "Bran," and the results got weirder.
    Just a horse casually eatin' some bran.
  6. And now, the weirdest result of them all: some people who are way too excited about a giant box of cereal named "Fruitful Bran."
    wth???? btw, they should be terrified rather than happy that a giant box of cereal appears to be invading their town.
  7. Well that was weird. The end!