I hope anyone out there who also has anxiety will find this helpful ~ 💖
  1. Heya. I have anxiety.
    I've been anxious all my life, and have a reeeeally long history of anxiety. It's a long story, one I can always elaborate on in future lists.
  2. Last night, I had one of my panic attacks from hell.
    Sometimes when I have really severe attacks, I reach for a pillow to squish until the storm passes.
  3. But this particular attack came on so suddenly that I didn't have time to grab a pillow for squishies :(
    I wound up crossing my arms tightly & gripping my upper arms (the left especially).
  4. Once the attack subsided, I was shocked to realize just how TIGHT my grip had been on my left arm.
    Boo-boos (damn) :( I literally PRIED my hand off of my arm.
  5. I didn't even notice just how much my nails were digging into my skin!
    I mean yes, I COULD feel my nails at the time, but usually the whole impending sense of doom thing takes precedence over everything else during an attack.
  6. I didn't know whether or not to share this, because I didn't want my scratchy boo-boos to make you guys sad :(
    But ultimately I decided to share, because I've always been super open about discussing mental health issues—it's just my scratchy boo-boo pic I was concerned about, I'd hate to make anyone sad and stuff :(
  7. But yeah, I'm really passionate about discussing mental health issues, and feel that everyone should do so freely (and FEEL like they CAN do so freely).
    We're all human, and we all deal with a really complex web of feels. Sometimes we just need to talk about those feels, and that's okay ~
  8. I guess what I'm hoping for you guys to take away from this is that anxiety is a real thing. A real thing that happens to people.
    And it's nothing to be ashamed of.
  9. It's not your fault, you're not being an attention-seeker, and it most certainly is NOT "just all in your head."
    I hate that phrase with a passion.
  10. So stop being so hard on yourself,
    because we all have worries in our lives & like I said earlier, feelings as well—VALID feelings. And again, that's okay ~
  11. And take care of yourself too ~ <3
    Reach out to someone, go to your doc, take your meds, etc. You can always talk to me too, of course ~ :)
  12. My use of the word "boo-boo/boo-boos" btw,
    I swear I'm 25 ahahahaha ~ <3
  13. Thanks to anyone who read this. And if you're feeling alone, know that you're not—I'm here with you. We got this.
  14. And with this, I shall go rest for a bit.
    Haven't slept at all & am exhausted. Talk soon ~
  15. xx Bran 💖💖