🎶 Hello... It's me... 🎶 ~ 😆😋
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    My name is Brandi
    With an "I"
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    I'm 25 years old
    AKA old af
  3. •
    I'm from the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area
    Which is every bit as boring as it sounds
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    I'm a Gemini
    If astrology suits your fancy
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    I was born in the Year of the Horse
    If Chinese astrology suits your fancy
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    I'm a writer
    By "writer" I mean "mostly writes gibberish much of the time." But I write a LOT of gibberish. So hey, that's something. Right? 😅
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    I'm an artist
    I like to create pretty things. And then stare at said pretty things until I hate them. 😂
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    I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
    And not the "trendy" kind that everyone seems to want, no. I have the horrible, gut-wrenching, want-to-crawl-into-a-hole-and-die kind that you definitely don't want. In other words, real OCD.
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    I have anxiety in general
    It sucks.
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    I have depression
    It also sucks.
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    Despite being a nervous wreck, I like finding the humor in my predicament whenever possible.
    It keeps me from becoming an even bigger and more miserable nervous wreck.
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    I'm half the size I used to be/getting fit
    I used to be 400+ pounds, and am now hovering just a pinch over 200 (213 to be exact). Aw yiss ~ I hope to reach my goal weight of 190 pounds really soon! :)
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    I'm in love with Korean culture
    It all started when I made the grand decision to start watching K Dramas. Then I started listening to K Pop. And now, I have a really huge crush on Korea. I'm interested in the history of Korea, and just anything & everything is all about Korea. I'm currently teaching myself Korean, which you'll likely see me use at any given moment. 😆 안녕 ~ :) // Hi ~ :)
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    I'm a big ol' nerd & fangirl
    I love me some Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Lord of the Rings. SHIPPER OF JOHNLOCK, do not fight me on this ~ 🚢
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    I love Michael Bublé
    I've seen him in concert six times (true story), and met him in 2013 (I cried) 😍😍😍😍
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    I think in lists
    Which is why I think this app is the sh*t!! Glad to know there's a whole community of fellow list freaks out there just like me <3
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    I can't wait to start writing ALL THE LISTS that have to do with the above, and then some.
    Please like me. 😂 Thanks for reading!