Decided to do this list after @nathanveshecco's list made me hungry for cookies. Here are my picks—there are many, because I'm a big pig and have eaten many a cookie in my lifetime 🍪 I want all of these now!! 🐷
  1. Chocolate chip
    Not too big, not too small. The dough has to be SUPER soft, to where it seems almost raw. NOT crispy, dry, crunchy, etc. Note: I WILL eat a chocolate chip cookie regardless of its texture, but my favorite chocolate chip cookies are the ooey gooey ones that are really soft. Must have LOTS of chocolate chips, so many it's borderline sickening, because I'm a chocoholic.
  2. Oreos
    The Original and Double Stuf varieties are my favorite. The amount of cream in the Double Stuf can be a bit sickening sometimes, but anyway: yum yum! Judge me all you want for my unrefined taste buds, but I adore these little round pucks of processed goodness ~ Best with a glass of milk of course, but will eat with or without. For an extra dose of chocolate, eat your Oreos with some chocolate milk instead of plain white.
  3. Static
    Do you ever just let your Oreos soak entirely in your milk before consuming? Trying to get the timing just right so that they're milk-soaked but not mush is tricky. 😆
  4. Oatmeal raisin cookies
    I'll eat oatmeal cookies with or without raisins, but imo they're best with raisins—LOTS of them. And my Grandma's oatmeal raisin cookies were the best! She made them from scratch ~ As a matter of fact, I was at the grocery store the other day, and smelled oatmeal cookies as I passed through the bakery ~ I was instantly transported back to those times when we would bake cookies together :') I miss you, Grandma <3
  5. Tagalongs (Girl Scout cookie)
    Biting through that silky layer of delicious chocolate and having your teeth sink into a thick layer of salty-yet-sweet peanut butter atop a crispy cookie? NOM!!
  6. Peanut butter
    Like with chocolate chip cookies, I need SUPER soft dough, but crispy peanut butter cookies with the criss-cross fork stamp on them are perfectly acceptable as well 👌🏻 Either way, make them super peanut buttery. Yum.
  7. Those cakey sugar cookies you find in the grocery store bakery
    These are in a separate category from your typical sugar cookies, which is coming up next on my list. The sugar cookies you find in the grocery store bakery, unlike typical sugar cookies, have a texture that's almost cake-like. And they're always topped with a really generous layer of vanilla icing plus sprinkles as well!! They're really good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, because like I said—this kind of cookie's texture is similar to cake! :)
  8. Sugar
    Like with chocolate chip & peanut butter cookies, the dough has to be SUPER soft. Aw yiss!! I occasionally enjoy the sugar cookies that have coarse sugar sprinkled on top, but prefer without. Pepperidge Farm has delicious soft baked sugar cookies, btw ~
  9. Samoas (Girl Scout cookie)
    Crispy cookie smothered in gooey caramel, dipped in toasted coconut, striped with dark chocolate coating? JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. These cookies are so good that as I eat them, I constantly crave SA-MOA (some more). HAH. Thanks folks, I'm here all week...
  10. M&M
    They taste similar to chocolate chip, only they have the added crispy outer shell of the M&M'S mixed in ~ These made my list because I ate them a lot as a kid—my babysitter would make them in heaps for us kids, therefore I have a fondness for them :)
  11. Thin Mints (Girl Scout Cookie)
    Crispy mint-flavored cookie covered in chocolate—it's like eating a York Peppermint Patty with a crispy cookie inside ~ :)
  12. Double chocolate chip
    This is going to sound weird, but sometimes it almost seems like the chocolate of the dough, and the chocolate of the chocolate chips clash, even though it's all chocolate, but love these cookies anyway. Absolutely won't turn them down. :P
  13. Macadamia nut
    Macadamia nuts are just so damn delicious, and when you stick them in a cookie, they're even better. Macadamias are so mild and soft that they almost seem vaguely like white chocolate chips, which, speaking of: macadamia nut & white chocolate chip cookies = even better!!
  14. Milano (Pepperidge Farm)
    That crispy cookie wafer with the layer of silky chocolate in the middle... Mmmm. I love the original and Double Chocolate varieties. The Milano Minis are awesome as well, but beware: being so small, it's SUPER easy to pop those like Aspirin. 😂
  15. Famous Amos
    SO good!! imo saltier and more buttery than other popular storebought chocolate chip cookies, but delicious anyway ~ 😋
  16. Chips Ahoy!
    Love the Original and Chewy varieties, and they even have a Brownie Filled variety, which is delicious. I mean really—a brownie stuffed inside of a cookie? That's the stuff my dreams are made of 😍😍😍😍
  17. Sugar wafers
    The strawberry and vanilla varieties remind me of my Grandma, because she always had some of these on hand ~ But all of the flavors, including chocolate of course, are yummy :)
  18. Jam-type cookies (the ones pictured are Jammy Dodgers)
    Such a simple cookie, but YUMMY. That patch of jam is just enough sweetness to compliment the simple cookie :)
  19. Static
    The Doctor (Doctor Who) LOVES Jammy Dodgers. If they're good enough for him, they're good enough for me! :)
  20. Butter
    I like the crispy storebought ones like these by Murray—you MUST put them on your fingers like rings while eating them, btw :) They're good dipped in iced sweet tea. Random, but true.
  21. Static
    Royal Dansk brand Danish butter cookies: another type of butter cookies I must mention. Likely not your most favorite cookie, but rather you have a fondness for them because they hold memories—they always seem to be around during the holidays. Likely found at your Grandparents' house. May or may not be former cookie tin-turned storage container for various small appliance manuals & random bunches of yarn from your Grandma's knitting ~ 💗
  22. Any kind of cookies with white icing
    I like any kind of cookie that has a thin layer of that sugary white icing, like the type of icing you put on cinnamon rolls. idk, it's sugar and I like it! 😆
  23. Any kind of cookies dusted with powdered sugar
    Same as the previous bullet. Who doesn't like powdered sugar?!
  24. Pirouettes (Pepperidge Farm)
    Crispy wafer tube thingies stuffed with chocolate filling. Delicious. Not sure if this counts as a cookie, but I don't care. These are delicious!!
  25. Raw cookie dough 😁
    Not sure if cookie dough counts either, but without cookie dough we wouldn't have cookies, so. Cookie dough earned its place on the list imo. I don't recommend eating a LOT of raw cookie dough at one time because of the raw eggs, but I think we all know we've eaten raw cookie dough before 😁😁😍😍
  26. There you have it! Told you I'm a big pig! I LOVE cookies!! 🐷🐷🍪🍪