I just don't.
  1. Republicans/why people vote Republican
    I was a Democrat before I knew what a Democrat was. I'm a registered Democrat—registered only a matter of weeks after my 18th Birthday. I do NOT understand why anyone would ever vote Republican. I can sure as hell be civil about this, because everyone has a right to believe what they believe, but I will NEVER understand this. Ever.
  2. People who are against same-sex marriage (AKA marriage)
    Just because you're unhappy in your sexless marriage doesn't make it okay to bash happy gay couples who can finally wed and have their marriage recognized by the law. It's really too bad—you could've had a slice of rainbow wedding cake and everything. *Shrug* Your loss. And don't even come at me with the "sanctity of marriage" BS, either. Countless straight couples get drunk-married in Vegas every day—how is THAT holy? Question to ask yourself: are you personally affected? No? Okay then, stfu.
  3. People who get angry about how others are living their lives in general
    Again, general rule of thumb: are these things personally affecting you? As in, are you PERSONALLY being forced to marry someone you don't want to marry? Forced to follow a particular religion? Whatever it is, is it affecting YOU personally? No. So stfu.
  4. When people get passive-aggressive toward you if you're an older woman who's waiting until later on to have children/who doesn't want children
    Just because you're worn out and will remain worn out for the next 18 years at the very least doesn't mean I have to be as well. Don't be angry with ME, YOU chose to have children (which is fine and dandy, but not the right choice for me personally at this time/ever). Choices, bro. I just really like sleeping and being able to do whatever I want for the time being. Kids might happen one day, who knows. But right now, I'ma go sleep for the next 48 hours without a care in the world byeeee.
  5. Men arguing about what to do regarding women's rights issues
    I stand firmly in the "No uterus no opinion" camp.
  6. Hunting "for fun" or "for sport"
    Doing so is just plain immoral, imo. Hunting for survival is one thing, but if you're not going to consume what you kill, then why not, oh I don't know, LET IT LIVE?!?! And then there's poaching, which is even worse. Makes my stomach churn. Really though, the line between hunting for fun/sport and poaching is really fine if not flat-out BLURRED altogether, is it not???? Another thing: who would want a dead carcass decorating their home? Trivial part of this argument yes, but still. Ick.
  7. Fishing
    Ah yes, let's dangle a string in the water and stare at it, waiting for something to happen. I'd rather watch paint dry. And people get up at ungodly hours to go do this, too! Like, why? Why why WHY would you do this when you could SLEEP instead?!
  8. Morning people
    While we're on the topic of getting up early, morning people: HOW are you so damn happy so early in the morning?! I just don't get it. I could def be a morning person if it was just... LATER! 😂😂😂😂
  9. Man colds
    We women shed our uterine lining (which feels like your insides are being ground up) and push human beings (who we carried in our own body for nine months, btw) through a 10-CM-in-diameter opening, but you're right—you have the sniffles and this is just SO TRAGIC...
  10. Giphy
    Let me play a song for you on my tiny violin.
  11. Having a boyfriend
    Hahahaha don't laugh at me—this isn't much of a surprise, is it? After I just dissed men for having man colds. I never said I wouldn't take care of ya 😋 But seriously men, grow up haha. But yeah, having a boyfriend—I'm not fluent in whatever language I'm supposed to know in order to speak to the male species, let alone be in a relationship with one of these mysterious creatures. Like I read on Tumblr one time from someone who shares my struggle: "Do I water it, or" 😂
  12. Sports
    Don't understand, never have, don't really care to understand tbh. Nothing bores me more than sports commentary. I hear people talking about sports, and all I can think is "????" I also don't understand how people get so EXCITED about sports. Like, people get SUPER passionate about a stupid ball going where it has to go to score a point. Whoop-dee-doo. I mean, the World Cup was kinda exciting. But idk. I guess how I feel about K Pop is how sports fans feel about sports. 😆
  13. Giphy
  14. Tongue piercings
    Totally fine with people who pierce their tongue, but I just couldn't DEAL with this personally. I would cry. Would not be able to stand the feeling of having something through my tongue. I'm so ignorant on how to care for tongue piercings, btw. How do you care for it? Like, cleaning it and stuff? What about eating? It's got to be uncomfortable, no?
  15. Voluntarily living in the countryside
    Why would you want to live where there are so many BUGS and things like grass that makes you sneeze?! The countryside makes me sneeze. I don't like places that make me sneeze. :(
  16. Wearing shoes in the home
    I love and appreciate people who practice removing their shoes when entering a home. You walk through so much dirt and God knows what else—no thanks 😖 Just take your shoes off and either go barefoot, or wear slippers, please. So much more sanitary.
  17. Adults who don't like Disney
    These people are not to be trusted—it is my firm belief that Disney movies are created more for adults than they are for children, as they make you laugh and remind you not to take everything so damn seriously all the time. Never lose the child in you, that's a sad, sad thing. How to find the lost child within: Step 1) Get a glass of chocolate milk. Step 2) Put a straw in said glass of chocolate milk. Step 3) Blow bubbles in chocolate milk.
  18. People who don't like chocolate
    Believe it or not, such people do exist. This is alarming. If you don't like chocolate, we can't be friends. 😂💕
  19. Blue cheese
    How is consuming chunks of mold appealing in ANY way?! Excuse me while I go vomit—which is what blue cheese looks like, btw. You're welcome.
  20. Languages
    Who decided to speak words? Where did all of the languages we have come from? I'm sure this information is available online, but I've just never taken the time to look into it. Mystery and all. I'm sorry if I should know the answers to this, should I know the answers to this? Ahahahaha I better stop talking now 😂