Inspired by @element75 ~
  1. Static
    My favorite story on Choices (visual novel app) 💘 I like having the walkthrough ready to consult if need be (making the right choices in this particular story is more important to me than it probably should be 😆).
  2. Static
    Nifty contraption that supposedly decompresses your spine. I have degenerative disc disease + miss getting pulled apart (lol) by the decompressor machine thingy @ physical therapy. I wonder if it really works because anything to ease my wicked back pain would be 👌🏻
  3. Static
    Y'all... Leading up to the eclipse we just had, I wasn't worried one bit about where to look. Just don't look @ the sun no matter what, same old story as it's always been. But then, this mass hysteria over going blind began to stir, and I was like idk mAYBE I SHOULD CHECK THIS JUST TO BE SURE 😂
  4. Static
    Because nostalgia. Stewart Copeland FTW 🤘🏻
  5. Static
    Because that new movie, "Birth of the Dragon." I wanna see it!! 🐲 The lead actor in it, Philip Ng, is hot af 🔥🔥
  6. Static
    Because A) I'm forever a fangirl & fanfic is my element B) I really, really love Royal Romance 😭😍 C) I hate how Book 1 ended, and needed something to make me forget how horrible the ending is