1. Any kind of reflexes (e.g. blinking, breathing, etc.)
    Whenever I notice said reflexes, they become manual. "Am I blinking efficiently? Is my belly rising enough when I inhale, or do I nEED MORE AIR?!" *PANIC*
  2. People taking breaths in between words when speaking
    It's such a small thing, but once I notice this, it drives me insane. It's like *Inhale* "Wow" *Inhale* "I didn't realize we took so many breaths in between saying things" *Inhale* "dO WE NORMALLY BREATHE THIS MUCH THOUGH, LIKE" *INHALEINHALEINHALE*
  3. Seeing my nose (peripheral vision)
    Every time I remember the fact that I can always see my nose in my line of sight, it's so annoying. It feels like it won't get out of the wAY. "Dear God, will it always be like this?! Until the day I die, I will always see my nose. Everywhere. Nose." *Whispers* "E V E R Y W H E R E"
  4. Watching a show
    "I love this show. Wait, why am I looking at a bunch of tiny people on a screen? Where do I look now? Is this where I always look when I watch shows? Do I look at someone else's face now, or perhaps that lamp in the background? What iS THIS?! What is life?!"
  5. Listening to the sound of my own chewing (especially when eating something crunchy)
    What it feels like: "God, this room is so LOUD right now. These poor people around me having to suffer through all this nOISE." Reality: *Normal person munching on crunchy food, everyone is unaffected (unless you have misophonia like me ahaha)*
  6. Talking to people
    Move mouth in direction of person. Person reacts, and moves mouth back. React yourself, then move mouth in direction of person again. And so on. It's just ongoing, the never-ending cycle of moving your mouth in the direction of other people and somehow being able to understand what is happening. It's just weird. We could just as easily start mooing at each other idk
  7. Conclusion:
    I need more sleep.