Weird Spam I've Recently Received

I haven't slept much lately.
  1. This could be my chance, guys.
  2. An email from some dude named Daniel,
  3. but he signed it "Adrian."
    Hmm. Weird.
  4. Anyway, Gillian and Adriel (Adrian + Daniel) want to share their lottery winnings with me.
    Well, Adriel does anyway. Not sure about Gillian, with the divorce and all. But it's cool. We can still be friends, Gill. Can I call you Gill?
  5. So with all them sweet monies coming my way, I'm gonna need to get me a brand new SUV.
    Oh look, I'm in luck.
  6. Guess I better go ahead and get some life insurance too, since I'm a senior and all.
  7. I mean, look how happy these fellow seniors are.
  8. So reassuring and not creepy at all.
    I feel completely at ease.
  9. Oh, I almost forgot: dental implants. Yep, gonna need those too with all the steaks I'll soon be eating, thanks to my newfound wealth.
  10. What a great day.