Oh my goodness! A list request from Señor Veshecco! *Hyperventilates* Okay. Be cool, Bran. You can do this. I shall try my best to make this list a good one, sir! 😋🎩
  1. Oh man, what I love about music.
    This is a loaded topic.
  2. I'll try not to blab.
    Will likely be unsuccessful.
  3. For me, music...
  4. is the best edition to movies
    Forget special effects—MUSIC is what really drives home a particular emotion, be it fear, suspense, despair, joy, relief, whatever. I'm one of those people who listens to movie soundtracks, by the way. It seems we're seen by others as a bit weird (for some reason?), but if I like the music, I like it. Simple as that. There are plenty of movies I have an even stronger connection and emotional response to, simply because of the music.
  5. the soundtrack to our lives
    Going on a road trip and/or vacation? Having a party? Getting married? See the common theme here? They all need MUSIC, and aren't complete without it.
  6. inspires and motivates💡
    Sometimes I'll be listening to a song—it could be the first time hearing it or one I've heard plenty of times before—and I'll just suddenly feel this fire ignite deep down in my heart like BOOM (haha). I don't know what it is, just the right combination of notes to match my mood? Something. What I do know is that in moments like that, I feel weightless, invincible. Like I can do ANYTHING.
  7. Giphy
  8. (My description of this feeling of fire igniting within isn't nonsense)
    👇🏻Meet Henry👇🏻
  9. ➡️ Old Man in Nursing Home Reacts to Hearing Music from His Era [Reddit]
  10. ➡️ Man in Nursing Home 'Awakens' When Listening to Music from His Past [Time]
    http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/04/11/alzheimers-patient-awakens-when-listening-to-music-from-his-past/ ~ "Music imprints itself on the brain deeper than any other human experience. Music evokes emotion and emotion can bring with it memory. Music brings back the feeling of life when nothing else can."
  11. (Amazing, isn't it?!)
    🌈 Music is amazing 🌈
  12. is fun to make
    Former orchestra kid, here. Played viola for four years and dabbled in piano & guitar. My mom played piano, dad: trumpet & guitar, my paternal grandma: violin, piano, organ, AND flute... Yeah, you get the idea—music has always been an integral part of my family. Not only do we love listening to it, but we have fun making it as well! Personally, being in an orchestra was so rewarding. To be one small part of a whole system that together created entire songs was pretty cool. 😉
  13. a blast to see live
    The lights going out. The music starting. When you finally see the artist onstage. The drums pounding through your chest like a second heartbeat. Singing and dancing until you can sing and dance no more. AH 😍
  14. brings people together
    When good music is happening, no one cares about the trivial things we sometimes get hung up on as a society. When there's an amazing song playing, we just absorb it, and care only about singing with it, dancing to it, etc. Our "jam" is on, and that's ALL that matters. Nothing else.
  15. creates a bond
    My dad and I have always bonded through music. Not sure how that came to be, it just did. When I was little, he would take me out for a ride around town, just seeing what's what, and would always have the radio set to a particular oldies station (parenting: you're doing it right 😉). This began my love for all sorts of artists and sounds from long before my time. I'm very grateful to my dad for doing that! Thanks, dad! 💖
  16. has an uncanny ability to transport you back to an exact point in time
    This can be both a good and a bad thing. Music has a way of clinging to various moments of our lives—we all have songs that remind us of good times, and songs that remind us of bad times as well. I personally can't always listen to the songs that remind me of bad times—it honestly depends. Sometimes I just don't have the strength, and change the song. Other times, I let myself feel it. It's amazing how music can affect us in such a powerful way, both positively and negatively.
  17. helps us grieve, and heal too
    Sometimes songs hit me a certain way, and it gets to me. The melody, the lyrics, both. Something. And sometimes I cry. Music helps us process a death, a breakup, etc. And through that grieving, our hearts begin to heal. We'll never really be the same again, but we can pick up the pieces and mend them the best we can, becoming stronger in the end.
  18. speaks when we can't
    Out of the endless range of emotions we could potentially find ourselves in, there's a song for it all. There are some sayings:
  19. Static
  20. Static
  21. (So true, aren't they?)
  22. is the perfect soundtrack when in love
    Falling in love is one crazy experience. You're all sorts of doped up (this is also both good and bad, haha). It's an amazing feeling, and a frustrating feeling as well. You know you're in love when all the love songs make sense to you. The lyrics really POP. It's nothing like when you have a crush, no. When you're in love, you FEEL every note, and every lyric.
  23. is an escape
    Sometimes you just gotta get away for a bit, and music is the perfect way to do so. I can (and do) listen to my playlists on Spotify and iTunes for hours at a time. Going back to the inspires and motivates bullet from earlier—my favorite songs boost my mental and creative energy, so you'll often see me listening to music while writing, drawing, etc. 👍🏻
  24. Static
  25. is timeless
    I've seen Michael Bublé in concert six times to date. At one of the concerts, an elderly couple danced in the aisle during a slow song. It was one of the most touching things I'd ever seen. I feel blessed that they shared that moment with us, even though I know that wasn't their intention. The truth is, they were in their own little adorable bubble. 😊 Music is also timeless in that a single genre of music can reach and be adored by multiple generations all at once for years to come. Music FTW!
  26. In short,
    music is life.✌🏻️💞