Thank you so much for this request, @jasoncheng! Love this prompt ~ 💗 I apologize for taking so long to complete it, though—wanted to really think about this question, and accurately convey my thoughts ~ :)
  1. Family
    Family is everything. EVERYTHING. As in, above all else. ALL else. No matter what happens in life, regardless of anything, family is there to pick you up, and keep you on your path to success. I'd do anything for my fam ~ Family is just 💗
  2. Fun
    Working hard is rad, but sometimes you need to hardly work and have fun instead ~ 😊 I think too many people forget how to have fun. I know life happens, and it's not always easy to simply drop the worries of the moment. But wherever possible, we really SHOULD drop the worries, and have FUN ~
  3. Music
    I can't live without music. Period. 🎶 Pretty much all there is to say on this ~
  4. Travel
    That feeling of visiting a new place for the very first time is thrilling! And a pinch scary. But more thrilling than anything, so who cares that it's a pinch scary. It's a good scary. A fun scary! Taking in the sights, interacting with locals, blending in with everything around you? It's the best! 🙏🏻🌎🌍🌏🙏🏻
  5. Learning💡
    I'm SUCH a nerd, but I ❤️ learning ~ 😆👍🏻 Absolutely love it. Anything—random facts, languages, whatever. There are so many things to know, and so many people on this earth who we can all learn from. My parents call me a sponge, because I soak up everything around me lol, and I've been called a "walking encyclopedia" on more than one occasion by several friends 😂 It's not intentional, I just REALLY like learning all kinds of stuff! The more things I can stuff in mah brain, the better ~
  6. Studying other languages/cultures
    Still kind of falls under learning, but yeah hehe ~ 😊 The way I do things and live my life isn't the only way or "right" way to do things and live life—there are a bazillion ways that people function, from languages, to customs, beliefs, foods eaten, traditions, ETC. I could go on and on. I'm just highly curious about the ways other people live in this world, and enjoy applying little pieces of wisdom from each culture I learn about to my own self & how I live ☀️
  7. Wellness/living well
    Since childhood, I've struggled with mental illness. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), clinical depression, panic disorder, generalized anxiety, etc. These can all make the most mundane of daily tasks incredibly difficult for me sometimes—it depends. Some days are better than others. The constant however is that I never give up. I'm a very stubborn woman, which comes in handy in this case bahaha ~ I appreciate days with little or no anxiety, they're special and not to be taken for granted.
  8. Spirituality
    Though I was raised a Christian (and still identify as such, though non-denominational), I consider myself more a spiritual individual. I believe in God, but feel a more spiritual connection with Him ~ I follow core values: doing good, living well and serving God, co-existing peacefully with everyone, etc. :) Spirituality, and believing in something greater than myself feels right to me & brings me peace. I understand that not everyone shares this view, which is fine too. Co-exist ~ 🙏🏻
  9. ☀️🌻☀️🌻☀️🌻☀️🌻☀️