My Top 10 Movies of All Time

Now, being a cinephile my top movies are gonna be ones I'd watch over and over and over, they may not be the best of the crop but they bring joy to me in ways. A good standard movie doesn't. Just different not bad, but different
  1. Lucky Number Slevin
    This movie is my ultimate guilty pleasure, if I see if on I must watch it. The build up, the writing, the pacing of the entire story Intill the final scene
  2. Young Frankenstein
    I feel that this movie is perfect movie and I don't say that often. Writing, jokes ,acting, timing all mix together to form a movie that will remain timeless in my heart but can you expect any less from Mel brooks
  3. The Princess Bride
    Being of the age of the boy in the movie, and feeling just as he does about kissing at the time, on a particular day of being sofa bound sick. My mother popped this movie in and started a tradition of this movie being our family's go to sick movie. Drama, comedy, action, and happy ending! By the end of it a headache feels better a nose is less red and moods are lifted.
  4. Rear window
    A classic in every meaning of the word. Acting, writing, shot for shot. I love every part of this movie
  5. Fifth Element
    Who cant love this movie?, it throws you into it with its semi serious tone, and then it keeps you here with interesting characters and jokes while painting a world that you just wanna see more of.
  6. Doran Grey
    A highly unrated movie in my opinion, the picture of doran grey should be read and watched by every man I feel,To learn the lessons it had to teach. The movie cuts some things from the classic book and gives the viewer a gritty wonderful take on it.
  7. Children of men
    While this movie uses and didn't use many many thing from the book. It told its story in near perfect fashion. Clive Owen driving every single scene forcing your brain the think and making you feel every emotion that the director wants
  8. Monty Python and The Holy Grail
    Best comedy of all time, I challenge anyone not to have this movie in there top ten. I can pop this movie in, and laugh pure and simple
  9. Exam
    A odd movie for a top ten list. It's here for the simple reason that it requires you to listen. Words in the first part of the movie matter and can effect how you yourself start picking apart the story
  10. Primer
    The most complicated movie you will ever watch, but worth it. First second third maybe even forth viewing you'll figure out everything because this movie makes no effort to dumb itself down, but while also telling a story you want to figure out