Having worked in food service and retail, there are a lot of phrases that we all hear. Some make us fear for our job and some we hear so often that it starts to eat away at our very soul. Add your own with your own explanation of what it means to you.
  1. Can you check the back?
    This phrase is often said when there is an item out on the retail floor and the customer wants to know if the store has it in the back. The answer is no, no they don't. Stores stock in the morning and you asking if its in the back is just a chance for the employee to get a drink of soda before coming out and saying "no, I'm sorry it's not ma'am or sir".
  2. Can you ask the manager if this comes in a different color? Or does this come in other colors?
    These phrases are usually said when well someone wants something they don't see on the floor but want to order it somehow though a local store, Can you ask the manager if this comes in a different color? This is just a big problem more often then not we will walk in the back ( not bother the manager) come back out and say no ma'am or sir it doesn't im sorry. If it came in a diffrent color it would be on the floor
  3. Can I use this expired coupon? Can you ask your manager if I can ?
    The manager will say no, but please let me go bother him or her and get focused on for the rest of the day for asking a stupid question.
  4. Can I speak to the manager
    Now unless someone was intentionally rude or mean to you, this phrase really shouldn't be used, people this phrase has gotten more people fired or written up for things that are just so minor they would be considered first world problems in any company. No person should have to have the stress of losing their job, just because you feel slighted