1. He made his #WWHL Clubhouse Debut on August 1, 2013, during the game, "Ricci! Around!" You couldn't tell by the picture, but Christina Ricci is trying to wrap her tiny arms around him! From that sweet moment, he was here to stay!
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  2. Things got a little frisky with the Bros from Million Dollar Listing. It was his first shark attack! On this night, Twitter exploded and pronounced that the shark was most definitely gay.
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  3. Get on your feet! Gay Shark did the CONGA with the one and only Gloria Estefan, @andycohen and Sean Kingston. What a group!
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  4. It's not every day when one of our Clubhouse stars makes it big on a global level, but the Gay Shark made his Superbowl debut with Katy Perry ;) So of course, we were lucky enough to book him as our bartender. He even picked up some football players after the game!
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  5. On our 5th Anniversary night, we had a Gay Shark Dance Party with Jeff Lewis, NeNe Leakes, Wacha! What better way to celebrate?!
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  6. We had a Gay Shark Dance party to RHONY's Melissa Gorga's song, "I Just Wanna" because why the hell not?
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  7. We wanted to celebrate Dakota Fanning's 21st birthday in a big way. So, we threw a WWHL Clubhouse Toga Party and of course, Gay Shark was there!
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  8. Debra Messing and Ali Wentworth hold onto each other for dear life as they play "Jump the Gay Shark!"
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  9. In "Teach the Gay Shark Your Talent" Keri Russell showed him how to do a bad 90s dance move!
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  10. Gay Shark Superfan, Gillian Jacobs got a surprise as our Gay Shark rang the Clubhouse doorbell!
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