We love playing this game where we smash bottles over @andycohen's head. His brain however, hates it!
  1. Reba McEntire smashes a bottle over Andy's noggin...while squeezing Suzanne Sommer's Thigh Master. Classic.
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  2. Hmm.. Katey Sagal is liking this...a little too much!
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  3. Even Martha Stewart knew that one hurt!
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  4. Haha! I think Lauren Graham's face says it all. She felt so badly!
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  5. You can't unsee this! WWE Wrestler John Cena takes no prisoners.
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  6. Jeff Lewis does a sneak attack smash!
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  7. Andy loves it, Connie Britton hates it!
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  8. We wanted to update this list with a good old bottle smash courtesy of Selena Gomez!
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