We threw a #BeGhoul Halloween party in the Clubhouse with @andycohen and Sarah Silverman. Our Haunted Clubhouse plenty of Hallo-scare moments and Ghoulish costumes. Check it out!
  1. Our spooky set gave us all the chills!
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  2. The bar was dressed with oogly eyes and of course a #WWHL pumpkin
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  3. But the best decoration of all was the Wacha Pumpkin!
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  4. When and where the hell did we get this? 👹👻💀
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  5. Sarah Silverman was our ghoul of honor!
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  6. And we tried to Scare-a-Silverman (see what I did there?) to get her to dish all her secrets in the dark!
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  7. A little THRILLER action in the Clubhouse because why not?!
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  8. All of our #BeGhoul Tricker Treaters worked it in their Halloween costumes!
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    Left to Right: Cookie Monster, Ramona Coaster, Matt Little who filmed Pizza Rat, Adele and her flip phone, our Gay Shark as a nun with Pup Francis, our winner Hungover Countess LuAnn from Turks & Caicos and Johnny Depp Pirate!
  9. Our Gay Shark as a nun with Pup Francis was absolutely hilarious.
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  10. MAZEL to our #BeGhoul costume winner Hungover Countess LuAnn from Turks & Caicos!
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  11. Happy Halloween everyone!
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