Most nights we give a MAZEL of the Day to someone or something that is absolutely amazing, humorous or we're obsessed about. Here are the ones we gave out this week. What would your MAZEL of the day be?
  1. Sunday: We didn't have time to give out our MAZEL! We were too busy watching Joe Giudice and his brother in-law Joe Gorga LIVE arm wrestling.
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  2. Monday: Goes to our friend Chrissy Teigen! She announced that her and her husband are expecting their first Little Legend. It must be such a good feeling for two people to know that there is no way in hell their baby is going to come out ugly. Just kidding! There's no such thing as an ugly baby.
  3. Tuesday: It goes to any dog who dresses as Queen Elizabeth the First for Halloween!
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  4. Wednesday: It goes to a new DNA Saliva Test that can allegedly tell whether a man is gay or not. The researchers examined over 400,000 epigenetic tags, chemicals that latch onto DNA and help turn genes on or off. @andycohen has a much easier idea of testing. If the thing that is swabbing the saliva is a penis, then congratulations! You're gay!
  5. Thursday: Goes to a very adorable young man trying to help his mom purchase some feminine hygiene products at the grocery store when he didn't quite know what they are, or where they went, but he definitely knows she uses them! 😉 Watch: