She's the Queen of Crafts!
  1. Martha said Andy's shoes were "bad, cowboy boot brown."
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  2. On Donald Trump: "I was supposed to take it over then. But then he decided he liked it too much. I was supposed to fire him on air. That was Mark Burnett's idea. That’s why I agreed to do ‘Martha Stewart's Apprentice’. And then Donald liked it too much. It’s done fantastic for him. It’s built him a platform. Now he thinks he can be President."
  3. "Might as well find out." (On how far she's go on a first date.)
  4. She didn't know what the term "DILF" meant.
  5. When asked if she's seen 'Martha Inc.' she thought Cybill Shepherd could have played her better, didn't get her sense of humor, and didn't look like her at all. Ouch!
  6. Said she's not particularly interested in making candy therefore she isn't that great at it. Don't beat yourself up, Martha.