@andycohen's loveable, adorable and sometimes mischievous dog, Wacha Cohen is paws down the coolest late night dog. Here's why! 🐾🐾
  1. He wanted in on the fun when @andycohen and Lindsay Lohan did the Parent Trap Dance!
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  2. Leaps up to give Carole Burnett a smooch after she did her legendary Tarzan yell. Classic Wacha.
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  3. Look at those puppy eyes! Wacha is just casually chewing a bone while his dad is doing his live, late night gig.
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  4. He even does tricks! Andy was so excited when he taught Wacha how to shake hands!
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  5. Wacha basically thought that Snoopy was a giant toy for him to play with.
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  6. Sometimes he's a little mischievous, like chewing on our Shady Boot of the night and...
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  7. When he started some trouble with Maury Povich on set by chewing up his glasses! Oops.
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  8. But don't worry! He got some training from the Dog Whisperer himself, Cesar Milan.
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  9. Of course he has his very own Real House Dogs bowl.
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  10. Grumpy Cat has nothin' on Wacha!
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  11. Nbd. Just playing a game of catch with TI.
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  12. No, Tom Burgeon! This hat belongs to WACHA!
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  13. Don't mind Wacha, he's just staring at his shadow! Continue with whatever tea you're about to spill!
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  14. Wacha is ready for the next New York Fashion Week.
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  15. He's man's best friend. 🐾
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