@andycohen is in the #WWHL Clubhouse with Maura Tierney and Topher Grace tonight at 11/10c. Post what you found to be the biggest Mazel and Jackhole's of the day, and they may end up on tonight's show! Here are some to get you started...
  1. Mazel to our little Bravo Beauty Gigi Hadid and her BFF Kendall Jenner for landing spots on Victoria Secret's infamous runway! Also, happy 20th birthday, Kendall!
  2. Jackhole to a British man who tried to smuggle drugs, a knife and a Mcmuffin into prison to prepare him for his life behind bars. Unfortunately, the point of prison is to keep you from the horrors (drugs and knives) and the spoils (McDonalds) of the outside world, sir!
  3. Jackhole: Twitter for removing stars and replacing them with hearts
    Suggested by @Nutmeggles
  4. Jackhole: Benjamin Golden, the now-former Taco Bell exec caught beating an Uber driver on tape. What a chalupa!
    Suggested by @BrendanCain