@andycohen is in the #WWHL Clubhouse with "Ladies of London"'s Caroline Stanbury and VanderPump Rules' Tom Sandavol tonight at 11/10c. Post your questions below for these two and we'll try and ask them on the show! Here's a few to get us started...
  1. Caroline, do you have any new business ventures?
  2. Tom, have you made some new memories on your new couch?
  3. Caroline who do you think is the biggest social climber on the show?
    Suggested by @aubra
  4. Tom, what's the scariest thing Kristen has ever done to you?
    Suggested by @LaurenOrder
  5. Caroline, if you had to take a dip in the lady pond with one of your fellow cast members, who would it be and why?
    Suggested by @LaurenOrder
  6. Caroline, I like that you tell it like it is, but do you think the other ladies are too hard on you for your honesty?
    Suggested by @donnajolly
  7. Tom, how much do you spend on personal grooming a month?! Is it more than Ariana does!?
    Suggested by @SJG83