@andycohen is in the #WWHL Clubhouse with Ron Howard and Robin Thicke tonight at 11/10c. Post your questions below for these two and we'll try and ask them on the show! Here's a few to get us started...
  1. What's Ron Howard's favorite "Happy Days" memory? Who does he keep in touch with from the cast?
  2. Does Robin Thicke play his own music when he's...you know?! 😉
  3. What was Robin Thicke's favorite episode of his dad's show "Growing Pains"?
    Suggested by   @bjnovak
  4. What's an acting role that Ron Howard turned down since becoming a director?
    Suggested by   @bjnovak
  5. Does RH prefer to make comedies or dramas? Why? And why aren't people making romantic comedies like "Splash" anymore?
    Suggested by   @margot
  6. Would Ron Howard rather be on the Pequod or in the Apollo 13? Which scenario does he think he'd be more likely to survive?
    Suggested by   @margot
  7. Ron, what's your favorite Arrested Development episode?
    Suggested by   @dgriffin2003
  8. What keeps drawing Ron Howard and Tom Hanks back to making movies based on Dan Brown novels? What can we expect from Inferno next year - similar to Da Vinci Code or no?
    Suggested by   @santa
  9. Has Robin Thicke worn those striped pants since?
    Suggested by   @sky
  10. Does Robin Thicke regret making the Paula album or does he stand by it?
    Suggested by   @santa
  11. Where's Paula?
    Suggested by   @JoseMakesFood
  12. For all the headlines about Robin Thicke, has there ever been a good pun on his last name he has enjoyed?
    Suggested by   @dcerruti
  13. Since he was the calm at the center of arrested development with his voiceover, has Ron ever considered doing nature docs or the like?
    Suggested by   @dcerruti
  14. Has Ron Howard seen his YouTube eulogy?
    Suggested by   @Rocko
  15. How much free weed does Robin get from his bro's dispensary in Venice?
    Suggested by   @bwayandbelmont
  16. Robin, what's your next major step in your music career?
    Suggested by   @levii
  17. Does Robin have a foot fetish?
    Suggested by   @BridgetBenjamin