Happy Monday or in the @Bravo world we like to say, happy "Vanderpump Rules" night! We have Jax Taylor & Tom Schwartz on #WWHL tonight! Here's a list of game ideas we pitched. Add your idea below🎉🎉🎉
  1. Swap and Drop!
    In honor of all the face-swapping pics Tom has been posting, we can make our own of random celebs! The boys will compete to see who can guess each celebrity pair/couple. Whoever guesses wrong or last in each round, has to drop and do five pushups OR has to drop an item of clothing!
  2. VanderDump
    Since Jax sometimes tattles on his friends, let’s put 30 seconds on the clock and have Tom dump as much shady info on Jax as he can!
  3. Dish In The Park(ing Lot)
    Since so much drama always seems to go down in the back parking lot of SUR, let’s have Andy, Jax, and Tom in front of a green screen of a parking lot and play Dish in The Dark.
  4. In Which Decade Did They Get Laid?
    In honor of the Decades party, let’s play a gamelet where we go through a series of celebrities (who have revealed when they lost their virginity) and they have to guess which decade they first lost it in.
  5. These are the Breast Days of Our Lives
    We show tight shots of their "Vanderpump Rules" costars' chests and they have to guess who is who.
  6. Announcement or AnNOncement
    Our classic game in honor of Tom/Katie’s engagment.
  7. Never Have I Ever: Sur Edition
    Let’s do a speed round of never-have-I ever with these guys. Specifically things they’ve done in Sur (ex. take cash from the drawer, over tip yourself, drink on the job, spit in someones drink, etc)
  8. FiancHEYYYY
    We blindfold Tom with Ramona eyes and graphically create a scene where Katie is standing in a gay bar. Different celebs/bravolebs will pop in and Jax will have to describe them to get Tom to guess. If he gets 5 right, he wins!
  9. Did Stassi or a 4-year old say it?
    A quote is given and the guests have to decide if it was said by Stassi or a 4-year old.
    Suggested by @BrendanCain