1. Skunk
    My mom thought it was funny and I was too little to fight her on it.
  2. Donald Duck
    It may have been Daisy Duck. My grandma made the costume so who really knows?
  3. The Cowardly Lion
    My whole family dressed up as characters from "The Wizard of Oz." My selfish aunt called Dorothy.
  4. Dorothy
    Take that, Aunt Rochell!
  5. Tooth Fairy
    Everyone in my neighborhood loved my costume!
  6. Cat (x 3)
    These were my early teenage years when I wanted to participate in Halloween, but wasn't really allowed to because dressing up "wasn't cool."
  7. Mall Cop
    My grandpa has a Segway, so why not?!
  8. Damian from "Mean Girls"
    Hoodie + sunglasses + a sign that says "She doesn't even go here" = laziest costume ever.
  9. "When life hands you lemons..."
    I wore a shirt that said "LIFE" and laughed as drunk people slowly make sense of why I handed them a lemon.
  10. Ace Ventura
    Party favorite.