Didn't sleep more than 3 hours. Never a great start.
  1. Daughter forgets lunch, begs you to bring it to her school across town. 💯🌟 super mom ✔️
  2. Stopped at Target for rx and various nonsense items that I probably don't need including the items Sky requested for lunch. 💯✔️🌟
  3. Drop at school. Make no eye contact and minimal conversation less my far lower caste reflects poorly on the child I created and then brought into this world. ✔️✔️👍🏻
  4. Head to grocery store. [insert fiery glow of rage as I turn towards the Walmart Market]. Task completed without event. ✔️
  5. Made dinner that all of my people loved. Weird. 🌟
  6. Sky and I went for mani pedis. 💅🏻
  7. Knitting/bbc/Netfli
  8. Attempt sleep...