Nicknames I've had, however temporarily, throughout my life.
  1. Bucky
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  2. Bugs Bunny
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  3. Dazzlin'
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    Very short lived. In junior high, I gave our choir teacher a poster with a rabbit wearing sunglasses that said something about being "dazzling". My friend, Todd, called me "Dazzlin'l for a bit and I tried to work it into my signatures. I couldn't find the poster on Google, but I did come across this picture of a skinned Bugs Bunny.
  4. Woody
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    Got it in high school. Don't remember why, but it was definitely in reference to an erection.
  5. Big Daddy
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    My last name is Cain and I was in high school at the height of Big Daddy Kane's rap career. This one is still used to this day.
  6. Cain
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    I don't know if it counts when your last name is used more than your first name, but there have been people who thought my first name was Cain. I also once experienced a woman calling it out during sex which was awkward, but, hey, that's college.
  7. Branch
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    I was a prep and short order cook at a diner for a while. Some of the old guys in the morning nicknamed me Branch because I'm tall and trees are tall and trees have branches...
  8. Beaver
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