Nicknames I've Had

Nicknames I've had, however temporarily, throughout my life.
  1. Bucky
  2. Bugs Bunny
  3. Dazzlin'
    Very short lived. In junior high, I gave our choir teacher a poster with a rabbit wearing sunglasses that said something about being "dazzling". My friend, Todd, called me "Dazzlin'l for a bit and I tried to work it into my signatures. I couldn't find the poster on Google, but I did come across this picture of a skinned Bugs Bunny.
  4. Woody
    Got it in high school. Don't remember why, but it was definitely in reference to an erection.
  5. Big Daddy
    My last name is Cain and I was in high school at the height of Big Daddy Kane's rap career. This one is still used to this day.
  6. Cain
    I don't know if it counts when your last name is used more than your first name, but there have been people who thought my first name was Cain. I also once experienced a woman calling it out during sex which was awkward, but, hey, that's college.
  7. Branch
    I was a prep and short order cook at a diner for a while. Some of the old guys in the morning nicknamed me Branch because I'm tall and trees are tall and trees have branches...
  8. Beaver