Made Up Companies Whose Podcast Ads Are Made Up by Stephen Colbert on His Podcast

Which you should hear
  1. Earthmail
    Too busy to enjoy nature's bounty? Sign up for Earthmail! And every month you will receive a hand-curated box of twigs, loam, and clumps of dirt. Keep what you want - and what you don't. Earthmail: soil yourself.
  2. Questography
    What is Questography? That's a great question! Take our online quiz to find out. Millions have already asked what Questography is, and now it's your turn. Use the offer code "Huh?" Questography: What?
  3. Clickdesk
    Job won't let you telecommute? Clickdesk makes it feel like you're working from home by putting a two-second delay on EVERYTHING. Clickdesk: Just like you aren't there.
  4. Cloudfog
    Moving your business to the cloud? We've got the fog. Got some fog on your hands? Let's put that in the cloud. Cloudfog: Part cloud, part fog, ALL SECURITY.
  5. Greece
    The nation of Greece has made some questionable financial decisions, but now we're turning it all around with tourism ads on a free podcast! Come to Greece. Just fly here, and pay for anything in cash, and we'll give you a ruin. Ancient or modern - your choice. Greece: nowhere to go but up!